Go Hawks!

The Internet’s Best Seahawks Cocktails

Fuel your Super Bowl party with Skittles-infused vodka and more.

By Sara Hendrickson January 28, 2014

Kakaw! Seahawks-inspired cocktails from across the interwebs. Photo via Flickr/Philip Robertson

Here we go. The Seahawks' Super Bowl appearance is: five. days. from. now. We need a drink already. Here, some inspiration for your Super Bowl viewing party:

Allrecipes.com’s Sonja Groset went on New Day Northwest to show Margaret Larson how to make Beast Mode Vodka—a ridiculously Crayola-hued, Skittles-infused spirit—because Marshawn Lynch loves Skittles. They make some other drinks, too.

During an awkward Q13 morning show segment wherein a Reyka vodka ambassador demonstrates shaking up a “Shaun Alexander,” and Bill Wixey kakaws and reports that the drink tastes like Super Bowl victory. Via NJ.com

Even the Waldorf Astoria is celebrating the Seahawks going to the Super Bowl (though, they do have a—boo!—Broncos drink too.) The house mixologist at Peacock Alley has formulated a very weather appropriate drink—the Foghorn—using Pacific Distillery’s Voyager gin. Via USA Today

Finally, Foley’s Irish Pub in NYC will be complicating diners’ menu decisions by naming rival dishes and drinks after Seahawks and Broncos. Food includes Richard Sherman’s Big Mouth Burger, Marshawn Lynch’s Beastly Bangers and Mash, and Pete Carroll’s Quesadilla. To drink? Russell Wilson’s Hustle and Bustle, which combines sparkling espresso and vodka. Via CBS Local, New York

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