For Monday

The Search Is On

The Community Advisory Committee is meeting tonight to begin the search for Seattle's new police chief. The committee's 32 members include local business leaders, activists, religious leaders, and even two high school students.

This is the first of two open-to-the-public meetings, and an online forum will be launched later this month for more community input.

Community Advisory Committee Meeting, Mon, January 13, 6–8pm, Room L280 in City Hall, 600 Fourth Ave, free.

Charter School Commission Meeting

The Washington State Charter School Commission, created after the passage of I-1240 in 2012, is holding a public meeting to get community feedback on proposals (submitted by charter-school-administration hopefuls earlier this month) for potential Seattle charter schools. 

Critics and supporters of the charter school measure will be voicing their opinions on the proposed schools at tonight's meeting. 

Washington State Charter School Commission Meeting, Mon, January 13, 5–8pm, Room C122 in Building C, South Seattle Community College, 6737 Corson Ave S, free.

For Tuesday

West Seattle Transportation Q&A

While King county is facing 17 percent cuts for transit, West Seattle is facing up to 27 percent. Add this to the impending loss of the SR-99 Viaduct and Bertha dragging the tunnel project behind schedule, and West Seattleites are headed up a creek without a paddle (down a highway without an exit?).

A panel Q&A—with Charles Knutson (Senior Policy Advisor to Gov. Jay Inslee), Chris Arkills (Transportation Policy Advisor to Dow Constantine), Andrew Glass Hastings (Transit and Transportation Advisor to mayor Ed Murray), and Tom Rasmussen (City Council member and Chair of the Transportation Committee)—will be held to discuss options and government help to lessen the impact on West Seattle drivers. 

West Seattle Transportation Coalition Q&A Panel, Tues, Jan 14, 6:30–9pm, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (in the Thelma Dewitty Theater), 4408 Delridge Way SW, free.

For Wednesday

Transsexuality in Iran

Professor Afsaneh Najmabadi of Harvard University will be discussing her new book, Professing Selves: Transsexuality and Same-Sex Desire in Contemporary Iran. A professor of history and women, gender, and sexuality studies, Najmabadi has been studying how Iran categorizes gender and allows spaces for alternative lifestyles (the state has "permitted and partially subsidized sex reassignment surgery" for over 30 years) while sticking to traditional and oppressive values at the same time (homosexuality is considered an unacceptable identity). 

Hear Professor Najmabadi speak about sexuality and gender in Iran on the UW campus Wednesday night.

Professing Selves, Wed, Jan 15, 7:00pm, Smith 205, University of Washington Seattle campus, free


Advance Notice for February 12

Lessons for a Sustainable Future

Dr. Robert Gilman, former astrophysicist, uses his research on 16,000 years of human history to draw conclusions about the sustainbility of our planet in the future, and he believes we have reason to be hopeful. Find out why, and how, looking at the past can help us in the years to come.

What Time Is It?—Lessons from history for a sustainable future, Wed, February 12, 6:30–9pm, 1217 Sixth Ave, $7.50 (buy tickets here).


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