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Cheap Week Seattle: Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Events Jan 20–26

Two deserved musical residencies, an old-school video game tournament, and a complete cover of one of the most classic albums: the best ways to spend your week without spending much.

By Jeremy G. Novak January 19, 2014

Grooving to the sounds of McTuff

San Francisco may have excellent music, but they don’t have it for this cheap. As far as my research shows, they do not have a Mario Kart 64 tournament on a movie theater screen this week. They don’t have as much rain as Seattle or affordable housing larger than shoeboxes.  Oh yeah, they also don’t have a spot in Super Bowl XLVIII...

Monday, Jan 20
Destroying the Middle Class One Word at a Time
“Food stamp president” and “welfare queen” are terms designed to trigger immediate reactions connected to persisting racial stereotypes. UC Berkeley Professor of Law Ian Haney Lopez examines the use of these “coded racial appeals” in his book Dog Whistle Politics, specifically how they undercut liberal ideas and weaken the economic security of the middle class. Town Hall, $5.     

Tuesday, Jan 21
McTuff at Seamonster Lounge
McTuff plays every Tuesday night at Seamonster Lounge, but nobody has thought to charge a cover yet for this incredible jazz/funk. The members (Andy Coe on guitar, Joe Doria on keys, and Tarik Abouzied on drums) have played with some of the greats like Carlos Santana and John and Ravi Coltrane. They aren’t to be missed, especially with their frequent special guest the talented and well-toured Skerik on saxophone. Seamonster Lounge, Free.

Wednesday, Jan 22
Mario Kart 64 Tournament
All those countless hours dodging shells, holding R around turns, tossing bananas as you cross the finish line--was it all a waste of time? Of course not because Central Cinema is holding a big screen Mario Kart 64 tournament hosted by MAP Theater. Official entries are sold out, but you can still watch and bond with other players as you race for pride at the other game stations set up in the theater. Shotty Yoshi. Central Cinema, $5.

Thursday, Jan 23
Marmalade at High Dive
A band with 13 pieces (and sometimes more) including two DJs on turntables is really more of a party onstage that just happens to be playing music for you. Marmalade will continue their first month of residency at High Dive as exactly that. Catch them this Thursday and any other you’re seeking out the groove. High Dive, $6.

Saturday, Jan 25
Vaudeville Etiquette presents: Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours”
If you could see Rumours by Fleetwood Mac covered in its entirety, naturally certain questions should arise. First, “Will they live up to the legacy of Stevie Nicks and the band?” Luckily yes, the talented folk, rock, and blues band Vaudeville Etiquette will certainly give a worthy performance with their floor-stomping energy and vibrant stage presence. The next questions should be when, where, and how, which we’ve made sure to answer. Sunset Tavern, $8.

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