An assortment of the goods at Byen Bakeri - stop drooling|Image via Facebook

There is a brand-spanking-new bakery at 15 Nickerson Street, selling Scandinavian-inspired breads and pastries.  Goodies such as rye bread, kringles, and almond croissants spiked with blackberry brandy fill the glass case.

Brian Morck, owner of Byen Bakeri, has been baking for 37 years. Though his Scandinavian association comes primarily from having some Norwegian ancestors, Morck has developed a passion for the region's baked goods and is excited to pass that on to he neighborhood.

Before striking out on his own, Morck started at a small bakery in Monroe, worked in pastry at the Four Seasons, and spent the past 15 years working for a distributor, selling flour and other ingredients to area bakeries.  

For Byen, he has assembled a crew that includes (seriously) a former pastry chef from the Disney World Resort, Mie Shipe. The bakery has a large array of items from scratch breads to cakes and offers customized boxes of kringles, a Danish pastry that can be salty, sweet, or filled. You can also get boxed lunches that contain a sandwich with a cookie.

Morck hopes to have his business eventually become a destination bakery, where people from out of town visit to gorge themselves with marzipan and specialty cakes. 

Byen Backeri opens bright and early every day at 5:30.


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