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If summer is for fruits and veggies, fall is all about the fungi at the Olympic Peninsula's Mushroom Festival.

It's time to bundle up and get out of town before the crisp fall weather becomes the winter freeze. Oktoberfests actually wrap up by early October (or even September!), so here are other fall options for a day trip or weekend excursion:

Portland: Portland VegFest

Portland likes to be weird, but it's also weirdly healthy; it's the top organic vegetable-consuming city in the country. So it's no surprise that it has an entire festival dedicated to vegetables, held at the Oregon Convention Center. VegFest celebrates plant-based living with offerings ranging from with free food samples and nutritions speakers to films and professional chef demonstrations. October 22-23

Tacoma: FreakNight Halloween Festival

The Tacoma Dome is the world's largest wooden dome, and it has a freaky side (first concert there was from David Bowie). Across two nights, a combination of electronic dance music, lasers, and the most terrifying collection of costumes in the area will all be a part of the 20th annual ghouls-and-goblins dance party. The music is the main attraction, but there will also be carnival rides to hop on if you want to step away from the dance floor. Tickets are available to those over the age of 18 with options for the entire weekend or individual nights. October 28-29 

Quinault: The Mushroom Festival 

Autumn in Washington is a dark, wet time, which is the perfect environment for mushrooms. The 14th Annual Mushroom Festival, based at the grand Quinault Lake Lodge on the Olympic Peninsula, is the place to be to further fungi knowledge. Experts lead an interpretive mushroom walk, lead a mushroom identification seminars, and teach how to carve a mushroom. It's not just about finding the treasures—there are mushroom cooking and tasting classes as well. October 21-23 

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Sauvie Island: The Maize at the Pumpkin Patch 

Want to be on an island sandwiched between Washington and Oregon? Just head to the corn at the Pumpkin Patch outside Portland. This giant, intricately-groomed corn maze is a family-friendly event where one meanders through a tall cornfield that's been cut into a design that only an experienced maze-goer will be able to decipher (there's a hint to the right). Through October 31

St. Helens: Halloweentown

All Hallow's Eve? Try All Hallow's Month. In St. Helens in northwestern Oregon, the Spirit of Halloweentown (who remembers the 1987 movie?) begins celebrating on the first day of the month and with a plethora of festive offerings: pumpkin-carving contests and seánces to haunted rides in a coffin, and creative costumes at every turn. Visitors of all ages can wander through the Courthouse Plaza in the Historical Waterfront District to enjoy the spooky atmosphere. Food vendors, theatre performances, and live music are included as well. Through October 31

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