Is this the face of Seattle's next tourist wave?

Saturday is 4/20, which means a celebration of all things weed. (Lost? Explanation here.) It's our first April 20 since the state passed Initiative 502, legalizing the use of small amounts of ganja. Fun fact: The Sounders will play an away game that day in Colorado, the only other pot-legal state.

While some smokers will merely dig out their favorite bong to celebrate, others see dollar signs. One man sold 200 tour packages in Denver for the stoner weekend, and tourism experts expect to see "a torrent of new tourism" due to the new laws.

No giant tour groups will descend in Seattle this year, but there is a Dope magazine party in the International District that includes glassblowing (bong) demos and a pot-growing competition, as well as a rolling station where "beautiful Dope Girls roll your cannabis." A mini version of August's Hempfest will be held at the Luxe nighclub in the University District.

But what would a marjiuana tour of the Emerald City look like? Here's our suggestions for a Stoner's Tour of Seattle; where would you take a sightseeing Cheech and Chong? 

All packed for a trip to the Emerald City!

 • The Laser Dome at Pacific Science Center. Laser Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon? Obviously. Laser Daft Punk? Sure, if that's how you roll. Laser Justin Beiber (plays at 1:45pm every day)? God, no. Talk about a harshed buzz.

• Puffin Glass Studios. No longer do local glass artists have to pretend that they really, really want to create delicate vases to gift on Mother's Day. The Spokane-based "functional glass" studio has a retail location in, where else, the University District.

• Top Pot Doughnuts. When the munchies hit, for once you won't mind paying a few bucks per doughnut.

• Seattle Central Library. Wandering the tilted stacks of the downtown library's upper floors is a pain in the butt when you need a book right away, but the Rem Koolhaas spiral could be a good place to work off the Top Pot. And just try to follow books that drop into the automated conveyor system.

• The Unicorn. Yes, the carnival decor of Capitol Hill's looniest bar could be a bit much for the really buzzed. But throw this spot at the end of the tour and climb into the basement photo booth. Droopy-eyed souvenirs!

What's on your hightinerary?

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