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Study Finds the Best Time to Book Airline Tickets

Stop planning so far ahead, people!

By Allison Williams October 9, 2012

Another tip from the experts: Don't book a flight on a now-defunct airline. You're welcome!

When do you buy your plane tickets? Are you already searching for cheap Fort Lauderdale round trips for President's Day weekend? Maybe you should be worrying about your Election Day plans instead.

According to a study by ticket-booking website Kayak, the ideal time to book airline tickets is 21 days before the departure date. The study looked at the six-month period before a domestic departure day to crunch the numbers; for international flights, the sweet spot is 34 days out. A different analysis, done by the Airlines Reporting Corporation earlier this year, says six weeks before takeoff is the ideal time.

Conventional wisdom has long told us that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days for purchasing plane tickets, possibly because sales are launched on Monday nights, but also because those are the workdays that draaaaaag the most, leaving you with no choice but to waste your emergency fund on getting the hell out of Dodge.

Hey, speaking of all that, tomorrow's Tuesday.

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