You were going to take off your shoes anyway, right?

Image courtesy San Francisco International Airport

Flying used to be fun (cocktails, fur coats, visits to the cockpit) before long lines and soggy sandwiches made airports awful. But there are upgrades on the horizon—some of which will even happen here:

• A new Transportation Security Administration program called PreCheck will make going through security less painful; it arrives at Sea-Tac by the end of 2012. Customers in certain frequent flyer programs will register in advance skip some procedures, like removing liquids from bags and taking off your shoes. Break out the holey socks!

• Speaking of frequent flyers, Sea-Tac announced a program that allows travelers to earn miles by shopping, dining, and parking at the airport. But since it’s a $1-per-mile deal on most plans (participating airlines include Alaska, Continental, Delta, and U.S. Airways), you’ll have to buy out Hudson News to earn that free ticket to Hawaii. Register online by the end of the month for a chance to win an iPad or Kindle Fire.

• At SFO in San Francisco, there’s a special room for yoga in one of their terminals. It has soothing lights and yoga mats, and in spring it’ll sport rocks made of felt. No word on if Seattle will get a similar amenity to join our new music program.

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