Trying to sneak more than three ounces of shampoo into your carry-on? The Dusty 45s are on to you.

If you thought the Showbox and Neumos were just too dang convenient, we’ve got a new music venue for you: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Saturday marks the launch of Experience the City of Music, an undertaking meant to make SeaTac as hip as the city it serves (but with more infinitely more Hudson Bookstores). It all starts with a concert on Saturday afternoon in the arrivals hall, where the Dusty 45s, Carrie Clark and the Lonesome Lovers, and kindie rockers Recess Monkey all play live sets. There will also be performers on the Link light rail trains on Saturday afternoon. RSVP for the main concert online; no, you don’t need to buy a plane ticket or get to second base with a TSA agent to attend.

After Saturdays’ shindig, the airport will celebrate Northwest musical heritage with ongoing installations, including:

Original videos from KEXP, EMP, and Light in the Attic Records, among others, on screens throughout the terminals. PlayNetwork, a partner in the endeavor, posted examples here.

• A music player accessed over the airport’s free WiFi.

Security announcements recorded by local musicians like Ben Gibbard and Macklemore. Try not to freak out when Sir Mix-A-Lot admonishes you for parking in the drop-off zone.

Experience the City of Music Launch Party runs 3–7pm on Saturday, January 28, at Gina Marie Lindsey Arrivals Hall at Sea-Tac Airport.

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