Weekend Plan

Five Things to Do Out of Town This Weekend

Put in your last round of Christmas food for the season, learn how to revamp your space, or sit back with some comedy.

By Stephanie Rubesh January 6, 2012

An actor playing Gassy Jack drops into a Gastown eatery.

-This is the last weekend for the Christmas Culinary Event in Vancouver B.C. Let guide Gassy Jack (an actor playing the neighborhood’s founder) lead you on a two-hour walk through Gastown, where you will learn about the history of oldest part of town and feed on lobster mac and cheese, crab cakes, and orange chocolate cheesecake.

-The Puyallup Fair Grounds hosts a Home and Garden Show through Sunday. Come for new home stuff, used home stuff, advice, building concepts, garden supplies, ideas, and inspiration, plus lectures on all three days on topics like pet proofing your home, gardening like a pro, or the art of stamped concrete.

-On the first Saturday of the month, Bainbridge Performing Arts presents The Edge Improv Show. It stars a troupe with more than seventeen years of comedy experience.

-Learn how to light the dark winter at yourself at Swans Candles in Lakewood with a free candle making class. Beginner classes happen by request on Saturdays for free (and then for a $5 fee, you can go again).

-Portland’s FABulous Bridal Affair is a must-visit if you have nuptials planned in 2012. There’s a charity aspect to the event; buy 100 breast cancer research stamps ($55) and you’ll get $100 off of the dress you select from the thousand-plus designer gowns at your fingertips. The annual bridal show goes Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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