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Do You Fly Regional Airlines?

We now have one fewer serving Seattle.

By Allison Williams January 6, 2012

Pack your bags, we’re flying to…Yakima?

At their behemoth of a factory in Everett, Boeing makes airplanes that can fly from here to Timbuktu (that’s 7000 miles—the 787 Dreamliner could do it!). But if you want to fly to Wenatchee instead of East Africa, you have to hop a regional plane.

The Seattle P-I reports that one short-haul carrier, SeaPort airlines, has cut its service in the Northwest. It’s stopping Seattle-to-Portland flights, ceasing service altogether from Boeing Field on January 27. That also means no more regular flights to Salem, Astoria, and Newport in Oregon.

You can still fly from Seattle directly to, say, Ganges, BC, or Lopez Island (on Kemore Air), or even directly to Pasco (on Alaska). But would you? Or would you rather drive?

Where would you like to see commercial air service in the Northwest? Right now only private planes can get you to Olympia and Port Townsend. We’d love to see flights to, say, Long Beach, WA, so we could skip the beach traffic, or to Moses Lake—there, the Grant County International Airport has third-longest runway in the country. It’s even an FAA-approved Space Port that was once a former alternate landing site for the space shuttle. That deserves at least a weekly visit from a prop plane.

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