Transportation Woes

Viaduct Goes Down. Cabbies Raise Prices. Awesome.

But you can get a private driver for half the price!

By Laura Dannen October 21, 2011

Viaductocalypse? Commutastrophe? Whatever it is, it starts tonight at 7:30, when the city starts demolishing the southern stretch of the Alaskan Way viaduct in a bid to drive West Seattle commuters to early retirement.

If you planned on taking a cab to the airport anytime between now and October 31, know that the $32 flat rate from downtown Seattle has also been demolished until the viaduct reopens, to compensate for expected traffic delays. That means you get to wait in traffic with the meter running, yay! Expect a $40+ ride to Sea-Tac, and slow, slow rides.

But there’s one interesting solution to come out of this vehicular mess: Private car service Uber (featured in our August issue) will offer its chauffeured luxury sedans for half off during the viaduct closure. Just download the Uber app and use the promo codes "FUBAR" or "VIADUCT."

You have to respect a company that sees the inherent hilarity in the situation (fubar? ha!). But as a one-time user of Uber to go to a fancy dinner, I can also vouch for the ride. You summon the swank taxi via text, it comes in minutes, a friendly driver (in a cap? I can’t remember, but I like to think so) hands you a water bottle, and off you go in the quiet, clean, cushy sedan. Your credit card is automatically charged and tip included. And until Halloween from October 24–27, it’s all for 50 percent less.

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