If you find your roots, will it make St. Patrick’s Day more special?

What could be a better vacation souvenir than a family tree? Aer Lingus, the only airline whose logo appears in a bowl of Lucky Charms, has begun offering getaway packages that explore your genetic history (if you’re Irish, that is).

The "Discover Your Roots" package includes all the basics of an Irish vacation—transatlantic airfare, car rental, five nights at B&Bs and an initial overnight at a five-star hotel—plus a consultation with a Genealogy Butler. That’s Helen Kelly, a professional genealogist who works for Dublin’s posh Shelbourne Hotel. Guests give her all the info they have about their Irish past, including names, dates, religions, hometowns, or even where relatives settled after emigration.

Kelly tracks down what she can and leads guests to genealogy archives within Dublin. Then she helps plot where they should travel throughout Ireland to best zero in on their long-lost kin (actual long-lost kin not guaranteed, of course—it’s more about stepping on ancestral homeland). B&B vouchers are good at hundreds of spots from County Wicklow to County Kerry.

Costs range from $899–$1,089 per person for packages booked by October 31. What do you think, does finding out about how your great-great-great grandmother survived the potato famine—or not—sound like a vacation?

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