What is mutton busting? It’s a rodeo for kids. On sheep. And it’s hilarious.

-It’s Puyallup Fair time! The 17-day shindig is the state’s single biggest event, drawing over a million visitors for fried food, mutton busting, and a giant pumpkin contest. Country crooner Joe Nichols kicks off the whole fair tonight.

-At the Wooden Boat Festival, through Sunday in Port Townsend, half the fun is finding the weirdest boat names, right? At this year’s 35th annual gathering, there’s musical performances, woodworking demonstrations, and workshops (learn how to tie a monkey’s fist!)—and also boats named Madman, Merry Wherry Two and Pepe: Skunk Island Skiff.

-A massive appetite is necessary for the Second Annual Skewered Apple Barbeque Championship, running Saturday and Sunday in downtown Yakima. Cooking demos, music, and a beer garden are available for spectators, while the chefs will be competing for $35,000 in prizes and grill fame. The sacrifice of your waistline is all in support of the The Yakima Valley Museum.

-The competition isn’t cutthroat at the Lake Chelan Sailing Regatta; friendliness is encouraged, and water balloons are an acceptable conflict-resolution tactic. That’s probably how contests were handled back in ancient Greece.

-The TBA Festival in Portland doesn’t stand for To Be Announced—it’s Time-Based Art. The contemporary arts fest runs through September 18, and our sister mag Portland Monthly has selected the best of the fest.

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