Welcome your new overlord, the blackberry slug of the Bremerton Blackberry Festival.

Photo courtesy Rakka/Flickr

Did you forget to have a summer? Between all that July rain and tunnel voting, did it somehow slip your mind? You can cram an entire season worth of music, fresh fruit, and playtime into this one three-day weekend if you try hard enough.

-Is the Dave Matthew Band Caravan at the Gorge (today through Sunday) an attack on Bumbershoot? Or is it just a good excuse to grove to the Roots, Dispatch, and “Ants Marching” in person? Tickets were still available online as of Friday morning.

-The Ocean Shores Old-Fashioned Labor Day Picnic on Saturday is a chance to celebrate like your great-grandparents did: with a watermelon-eating contest and tug-of-war game. They weren’t party animals, your great-grandparents.

-The Resort at The Mountain isn’t at our mountain—it’s at the base of Oregon’s Mount Hood. Still, that’s a decent mountain as mountains go, and this weekend the hotel is offering a special Mt. Hood Blues & Brews package, which includes 20 beverage tokens for Saturday’s annual Brew Fest, as well as an And All That Jazz option with a dinner and music performance.

-At the Lopez Island Studio Tour, 46 local artists will throw open their doors and let you rifle through their oil paints. On Saturday and Sunday, the San Juan’s funkiest isle trusts you to take a self-guided tour to thirty different locations, ooh-ing and ahh-ing (and hopefully buying) as you go.

-The Bremerton Blackberry Festival gets it: Blackberries are the best thing. Ever. In Washington, in the world. The three-day event starts Saturday on the city of Bremerton Boardwalk and features all the expected treats, plus something called a blackberry slug, a “delicious type of maple bar made with blackberry filling and whipped cream.” Excuse me, I have to go lie down now.

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