Look, they left the lights on for us!

Photo courtesy Vince Klassen/Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Want to play peeping Tom without being creepy? The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria holds its annual Victoria House Tour fundraiser on Sunday, opening six of the most fabulous homes of the city to visitors.

“We want gorgeous houses,” says tour chair Joan Huzar. “We want ones you walk into and go ‘wow.’” That means three different homes with beach views, a house designed specifically for some fancy European furniture, and a spectacular underground car storage facility—complete with auto elevator.

Some years the tour concentrates on historic homes, but this year is decidedly 21st century. “You see how many ways you can use concrete and glass, wood and plaster,” says Huzar. “They’re all new, modern houses, some west-coast contemporary. They start at the same beginning, but go so many different places.”

The $40 (Canadian) ticket buys you a chance to ogle the city’s prettiest spots as well as an up-close look at local artists at work: Seven painters and one ceramic artist will toil onsite throughout the day, some among the custom flower designs that grace each home. Proceeds support the gallery, and your ticket doubles as admission there. It’s housed in notable structures of its own, a nineteenth century mansion attached to modern exhibition galleries. The tour runs Sunday 11am–5pm; here’s ways to make a weekend of it in Victoria.

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