Alaska Airlines helps you turn Facebook stalking into real-world stalking.

Photo courtesy Alaska Airlines.

Are your Facebook friends really your friends? Then maybe you should get off the internet and visit them.

A new Facebook app from Alaska Airlines plots your online friends in a country-wide map, showing ticket prices to airports near them. FlyingSocial then takes you to a purchase page with one click. It even uses Facebook profile pictures on the graphic—so a spontaneous trip to surprise your old high school boyfriend has never been so tempting.

The only hitch? The app only shows one-way flight prices and mileage-club awards, so Alaska is kind of suggesting you, uh, move in with that old high school boyfriend and never come home again. And while that would work in the world of romantic comedy flicks, it would probably be disastrous in real life.

So you should probably stick to fantasizing about all the last-minute jaunts you could be taking, and follow through only when flights to, say, Puerto Vallarta hit a bargain price.

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