Think twice about just another day in paradise.

The Adviser Linda Martindell, owner of Kirkland-based Totem Travel. She’s a travel agent, which doesn’t mean she books plane tickets. These days a travel agent is more like a location specialist, doling out firsthand hotel knowledge and itinerary advice. One of their specialties is tropical travel, which means she knows what it’s like to get drenched on vacation.

The Advice Pay attention to weather reports. Really.

"It’s easy to get excited about an exotic destination and forget important details that can make or break your vacation. For example, you’ll find tropical weather year round in the Caribbean, Tahiti, and Costa Rica, but the rainy seasons are very different. September is a delightful month to be in Fiji but it’s the monsoon season in Thailand."

And "monsoon" doesn’t mean "like last April in Seattle," no matter how miserable we were here. Be prepared for drenching rains during those seasons.

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