Travel Tip from…a DMV worker?

We got really useful info from the unhappiest place on earth.

By Allison Williams June 3, 2011

THE ADVISER Today at the downtown Limited Service Driver Licensing Office, otherwise known as the DMV, I met a state employee that did two remarkable things: One, he processed my new driver’s license in record time (while cracking some good Canada jokes!). Two, he gave this spy-like travel advice:

THE ADVICE "When you renew your driver’s license, take the old one and sew it into the lining of whatever suitcase you use to travel. That way, if your wallet is stolen, you’ll still have some ID."

He didn’t elaborate, but we’re guessing the sew-it-in process is both so you won’t accidentally unpack it and so if your suitcase itself is stolen, the thief probably won’t unearth your old ID and go all identity-thief on you.

I feel like Jason Bourne now. Thanks, unnamed DMV guy!

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