Who are you calling “honey”?

Is the newest trend at Northwest hotels an infestation?

Two properties, the Salish Lodge and Spa and the Fairmont group, are introducing honeybee programs. At the Salish in Snoqualmie, up to 800 pounds of proprietary honey will be produced by the 120,000 buzzers. During the lodge’s Country Breakfast, a server will pour honey onto biscuits and oatmeal from a four-foot-high perch, while in the spa the stuff with be slashed on the body during various treatments. (It moisturizes. And no, it won’t gum up your hair.)

Meanwhile, the Fairmont Olympic in Seattle, the two Fairmont hotels in Vancouver, and the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, BC, will serve "Bee’s Knees" honey truffles, made with honey sourced from their own rooftops. At Vancouver’s Fairmont Waterfront, sting-free tours will show off the hives. Both programs will take a few months before actually producing the golden nectar; until then, try not to be envious that these insects have better digs than you do.

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