Police Accountability

Governor Signs Off on Changes to New Deadly Force Law

Legislators needed a two-thirds majority vote to change an initiative passed by voters.

02/05/2019 By Hayat Norimine

City Attorney's Office

City Will Defend Sawant in Both Defamation Lawsuits

"That is the cost of free speech," Harrell wrote.

10/27/2017 By Hayat Norimine


From the John T. Williams Protest: Asking for Dialogue

We're working on a full write-up of yesterday's march for John T. Williams and the demonstration at City Hall. But here's a teaser from the opening rally.

09/17/2010 By Tiffany Vu

City Hall

Civil Rights Committee: SPD Needs More Transparency, Cultural Sensitivity

Yesterday the city council's civil rights committee held a packed public hearing on the fatal police shooting of John T. Williams

09/16/2010 By Tiffany Vu