Support Seattle Parks with Sustainable, Dedicated Funding

In a guest op/ed, two parks district supporters argue that a new metropolitan parks district will create a sustainable, long-term funding source for parks in Seattle.

04/16/2014 By Mark Okazaki and Steve Dubiel


Why “$15 Now” Has Nothing to Do With Inflation, Productivity, or a Living Wage

A guest op/ed writer argues that the "15 Now" movement has nothing to do with inflation, productivity, or a "living wage."

04/15/2014 By Maxford Nelson


Murray Rule Change Would Help Solve Seattle's Broadband Problems

A potential rule change by the Murray administration would help level the broadband playing field, argues UPTUN's Robert Kangas.

04/03/2014 By Robert Kangas


Nightlife Leaders: Don't Restrict Ridesharing Services

In a guest op/ed in advance of a possible city council vote this week, two nightlife advocates argue against new restrictions on ridesharing services.

02/11/2014 By Jessica Summa-Kusiak and Pete Hanning

Guest Op/Ed

Want Lower Housing Prices? Increase Supply.

Want lower housing prices? Smart Growth Seattle's Roger Valdez says the solution has to include increased housing supply.

01/28/2014 By Roger Valdez


Guest Op/Ed: For Those With Disabilities, Transit Is a Lifeline

Two disability activists argue that transit access isn't a privilege; it's a lifeline.

10/15/2013 By Teresa "Flying Eagle" Baird and Jacob Struiksma


In Lesser-Known Rulings, SCOTUS Strikes Down Rules Protecting Women and Minorities

In a guest PubliCola op/ed, Legal Voice director Lisa Stone argues that two lesser-known Supreme Court cases this week represent a major setback for women and racial and ethnic minorities.

06/26/2013 By Lisa Stone


Not All Businesses Oppose New Ex-Felon Job Law

Bar and restaurant owner David Meinert says he supports the recent law barring employers from asking about an applicant's criminal history before considering them for a job.

06/19/2013 By David Meinert


Transportation Funding: It Gets Worse

Washington state's transportation funding picture has only become bleaker since 2005, says guest editorialist Brendan Williams.

06/07/2013 By Brendan Williams


Renew and Expand the Downtown Metropolitan Improvement District

In this guest editorial, two Belltown business owners make the case for renewing and expanding the DSA's downtown Metropolitan Improvement District.

04/30/2013 By David Meinert and Marcus Charles


A Tale of Two Buildings: Why the Council Should Ask for More in South Lake Union

As the council debates how much affordable housing to require from developers in exchange for taller buildings in South Lake Union, the Tenants Union argues that most of their proposals fall short.

04/15/2013 By Eliana Horn and Stina Janssen


The Senate Budget: What About Housing?

There's been a lot of talk about education during this year's budget negotiations, but another critical need—for the state's most vulnerable residents—has gotten short shrift.

04/05/2013 By Jamila Johnson


Incentive Zoning Is Not the Answer

Cola op/ed contributor Roger Valdez argues that incentive zoning—greater density in exchange for more affordable housing—is not an affordability panacea.

03/18/2013 By Roger Valdez


Be Careful What You Wish For

Editorial boards that leapt for joy when Republicans took over the state senate aren't getting exactly what they bargained for.

02/26/2013 By Brendan Williams


Connecting Education Spending to Student Learning

To make sure our students are ready for the challenges of college and career, we must do a better job of preparing them.

02/25/2013 By Chris Korsmo, Jana Carlisle & Shannon Campion


It's Time to Invest in Washington's Home Care Workers

Two home care workers explain why it's time for the state to invest in our nationally recognized home care system.

02/19/2013 By Sherry Hunter and Pamla McCarthy


The Myth of Democratic Resistance to K-12 Accountability

Guest columnist Brendan Williams, a former state representative from the 22nd District, argues that Democrats, not Republicans, are the real advocates for education reform.

02/12/2013 By Brendan Williams


New Single-Family Housing Is Not the Enemy

Smart Growth Seattle's Roger Valdez responds to a Crosscut piece opposing development in single-family neighborhoods.

02/07/2013 By Roger Valdez


The State Senate Is Waging a War On Workers. Is a War on Women Next?

Former state representative Brendan Williams asks: With the state senate already waging a war on workers, is the war on women next?

01/28/2013 By Brendan Williams


Harrell's Candidacy Further Diminishes McGinn's Chances

A former McGinn supporter argues that Bruce Harrell's entry into the mayor's race further diminishes the mayor's already dwindling chance for reelection.

01/16/2013 By Yusuf Cabdi