Environmentalists: Getting Drunk and Angry

Environmentalists get the blues in Olympia.

03/12/2009 By Josh Feit


In Olympia, Senate Democrats Disappoint Environmentalists

Democrats set to undo I-937

03/10/2009 By Josh Feit


Sen. Cantwell Adds Electric Car Amendment to Senate Stimulus

Sen. Maria Cantwell gets electric car amendment into Senate stimulus package.

02/09/2009 By Chris Kissel


Inslee Leads Charge to Keep Stimulus Package Green

Inslee rounds up signatures for letter to Pelosi outlining green demands.

02/07/2009 By Josh Feit


The Biggest Bill of the Session. Literally.

State Rep. Dave Upthegrove introduces mammoth climate change bill.

01/29/2009 By Josh Feit


Rep. Jay Inslee Keeps Stimulus Package Green

Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA, 1) overpowers GOP effort to strip Green provision out of energy industry stimulus bill.

01/27/2009 By Chris Kissel


Legal Eaglets

For five years, the UW Environmental Law Clinic has defended the little guy, battled big corporations, and given sheltered students real-world experience. Now its benefactor is thinking of pulling the plug.

12/28/2008 By Daniel Jack Chasan