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A Crew of Corporate Lobbyists

By Morning Fizz June 3, 2010

1. Last week, Fizz reported that the Roadkill Caucus—a group of conservative Democratic state legislators starring Sens. Brian Hatfield and Steve Hobbs and Reps. Judy Clibborn and Lynn Kessler—were forming a PAC and holding a June 8 fundraiser at the Indian Summer Golf Club in Olympia.

Here are some more details: The event is being hosted by a crew of corporate lobbyists—Melanie Stewart (Eli Lilly); Charlie Brown (Fred Meyer); Lisa Thatcher (Glaxo Smith Kline); Kristina Hermach (Pfizer); Jean Leonard (AIG, State Farm, Nationwide); Kathleen Collins (Pacificorp); Carrie Tellefsen (CVS, Regence); Cody Benson (real estate).

To be fair, there are also some food banks and hospitals and social services being represented at the barbecue fundraiser.

Casual attire requested.

2. And another follow-up report: Yesterday Chris Kissel was down in Vancouver reporting on young, Hispanic U.S. Rep. candidate, Republican Jaime Herrera. Herrera supporters, like U.S. Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA, 5), told Chris that Herrera was "the new face of the Party."

That could be true. But in some ways, she is also same-old-same-old for the GOP. Her top contributors include investment, construction, mining, and banking companies like Wells Fargo, Robertson & Olson Construction, Kiewit & Sons, Eagle River Investments, and JL Storedahl & Sons.

Herrera has raised nearly $200,000 and has about $140,000 on hand. The top Democrat in the field, Denny Heck, has raised $569,000 with $532,000 on hand.

3. In case you missed it yesterday—Camden noted the Spokesman Review's report in On Other Blogs Today—Gov. Chris Gregoire may call another special session to deal with the budget because the federal Medicaid money they were banking on is in jeopardy.

4. The Sierra Club issued a few early state legislative endorsements yesterday. Consider this group of 10 legislators the best votes when it comes to environmental issues. The Sierra Club's picks: Representatives Timm Ormsby (D-3), Hans Dunshee (D-44) Dave Upthegrove (D-33), Marko Liias (D-21), Christine Rolfes (D-23), John McCoy (D-38), Tami Green (D-28), Geoff Simpson (D-47), Sharon Nelson (D-34) and Senator Eric Oemig.

Our take: Yep. Ormsby led the fight for the hazardous substance tax. Dunshee put a bond measure on this year's ballot to retrofit schools. Upthegrove amended the budget to fund the Dept. of Ecology. Liias fought for bus funding. McCoy saved the voter-approved renewable energy initiative from "reform." Green organized labor Democrats into a coalition with green Democrats. Nelson fought strip mining on Maury Island. And Oemig fought to repeal TransAlta's coal plant tax break.

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