ElectionNerd: Mike McGinn has a Mike McGinn Problem

McGinn seems intent on living up to Murray's "Divisive" tag. And that's bad news for McGinn.

09/20/2013 By ElectionNerd


Precinct by Precinct. Game Starts After Labor Day.

The primary results indicate a clear path to victory for both McGinn and Murray: Chip away at the other's stronghold.

08/30/2013 By ElectionNerd


ElectionNerd: History Doesn't Bode Well for McGinn

The history of Seattle elections offers some unsettling lessons for McGinn.

08/12/2013 By ElectionNerd

Seattle Mayor's Race 2013

Faltering McGinn Changes Tactics in Final Days. But Will It Work?

With little evidence of upward momentum, Mayor Mike McGinn appeals directly to voters. But will his latest message resonate?

07/31/2013 By ElectionNerd