Best of Washington Wine

The 30 Most Exciting Wines in Washington

These bottles include debuts, risk takers, or creations that simply deliver astounding quality or value. Best of all, most are obtainable.

09/11/2018 By Sean P. Sullivan

Best of Washington Wine

Cabernet That Reigns Supreme

One of the grapes that first made the wine world take notice of Washington is no longer an elite niche—cab production surpasses that of chardonnay and riesling.

09/13/2017 By Sean P. Sullivan

Washington Wine 2016

Top Cabernet Sauvignon

No surprise—our most planted and most produced grape variety produces an abundance of top wines.

09/21/2016 By Sean P. Sullivan

Washington Wine 2015

Top Cabernet Sauvignon

These bottles explain why this remains the state’s most planted grape variety.

09/09/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan