Imbibing Agenda

Watch Sunday's 'Game of Thrones' Premiere at Two Seattle Bars

Celebrate the arrival of season four at these two parties. Thank R'hllor they aren't weddings.

04/01/2014 By Ezra Parter

Imbibing Agenda

Seattle’s Maddest Bars for the NCAA Tournament

Watching basketball = drinking.

03/20/2014 By Ezra Parter

Boozecentric Holidays

Wednesday Is Repeal Day; Here's Where to Drink

Celebrate your legal right to intoxication with cocktails on tap, drinks under $6, and period attire.

12/04/2012 By Anna Chatilo anna-chatilo

Sports Drinking

Seattle Bars Showing the Olympics

You may not be able to go to London, but that doesn't mean you can't watch Michael Phelps from a comfy bar.

07/27/2012 By Allison Williams

Imbibing Agenda

Where to Celebrate Pride

Show your pride at these booze-fueled bashes.

06/21/2012 By Amanda Austin


Silent Movies at the Hunt Room

The Sorrento Hotel serves up cinema classics and cocktails.

01/17/2012 By Allison Williams

NYE 2011

New Year’s Eve Parties

Boozy bashes for ringing it in right.

12/21/2011 By Allie Oosta

Behind the Bar

Drink Mixers from Sambar, Barrio, Vito’s, Sun Liquor, and Serafina Compete in Iron Bartender

Sign up to judge drinks from very good tenders. Then go early so you can hear Shelby Earl.



Analog Tuesdays at Rob Roy: Bring Your Records to the Bar

Vinyl lives on, once a week in Belltown.