Thoughtful Gifts Under $25

Good things come with small price tags.

By Zoe Sayler

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KariKari's garlic chili crisp looks great on food (and on the counter).

Image: KariKari

Celebrating friends, family, or that one weirdly generous coworker (you have to give them something) on a tight budget? These local picks have big-gift energy.

Look here for gifts between $25 and $50.

Line Slides in Lydia, Chunks Local


Image: Chunks

Chunks slid into our lives in 2019; they've held fast ever since thanks to a rotating selection of claw clipsheadbands, and precious squiggle clips—all designed in Seattle and proudly made in China.

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Rolling Crystal Whiskey Tumblers, Viski Local

$23 for two


These glasses from Seattle-based Viski are giftable on their novelty and looks alone, but they're more than just a pretty face: The movement provided by their curving base helps bring out tasting notes by aerating spirits (whiskey anoraks go nuts for that sort of thing).

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Strawberry Ball Marker, Bogey Boys Local


Image: Bogey Boys

These sweet ball markers from Seattle rap legend Macklemore's foray into fashionable fairway apparel feel like a tiny treasure paired with a heartfelt card, and they're practical, too.

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Garlic Chili Crisp, KariKari Local


Image: KariKari

The Capitol Hill–based husband-and-wife duo behind KariKari represent both sides of the foodie coin: "expert-level food maker and expert-level food taster ;)" (winky face theirs). Together they've crafted this hot, crunchy, garlicky chili oil.

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"No" Tote Bag, Seattle Art Museum Local


Tariqa Waters, the artist behind alternative Pioneer Square gallery Martyr Sauce, explores “the meaning and the power of the word NO” with this Seattle Art Museum tote.

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Bake Away by Sahana Vij, Book Larder Local



Written by a Seattle-area teen raising money for No Kid Hungry and featuring locally inspired recipes like the U District chai-infused cake, Bake Away is a feel-good pick for aspiring Great British Bake Off contestants.

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Atlas Games Yukon Salon, Amazon Local



A locally designed game for small groups recommended to us by the folks at Capitol Hill's Gamma Ray Games and Ray Gun Lounge for its cool designs and novel concept: You're honing your craft as a hairdresser for the people and bears of the Yukon.

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8-Ounce Camp Cup, Miir Local


Image: Miir

Nothing brings us joy, warmth, and energy quite like...a good cup of coffee. Um, and our loved ones, of course. Return the favor with a petite camp cup from Wallingford-based Miir (the 12-ounce version comes in right under $25, too).

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American Needle Seattle Kraken Basic Knit Beanie Navy, Standard Goods Local

$9 $20

Turns out it's actually pretty cold in hockey arenas. Warm a hockey fan's noggin (and heart) with a cozy beanie from our go-to shop for products made in and for the Pacific Northwest.

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Peach Keychain, Anna Learns Things Local


A handmade keychain from local beading prodigy Anna Learns Things, available in bunches of fruit-inspired shapes, strikes the balance between adorable and practical.

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