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Wear Rainkiss's gender-netural, one-size-fits-all rain ponchos over everything.

Image: Rainkiss

Here's a sad image for you: a young Seattleite singing "Rain, Rain, Go Away" in vain for days on end. Here, we learn early to find a trusty jacket for those days (weeks, months?) when the drizzle seems never-ending.

Find one cute enough and you might just start to wish for a downpour.

Stutterheim Moseback Long Rain Jacket, Pipe and Row Local


Image: Pipe and Row

Stutterheim sets the standard for chic and sturdy raincoats. Pair this ultra longline rubberized cotton jacket with a set of tall, waterproof boots to never feel a raindrop again.

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Men's Printed 78 Rain Top Jacket, The North Face


Menswear can be boring. Men's raincoats, especially so. Trade your classic black North Face for this newly released patterned version—same watertight tech, fresh ice-blue packaging.

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Sandy Liang Women's Hooded Dakota Jacket, Nordstrom Local


Image: Nordstrom

Adding a little flair to your rainwear doesn't mean dressing like Paddington Bear (fashion icon though he may be). Pull the drawstring tight to create dramatic ruffles at the scalloped-lace hemline, or wear the satin-lined coat uncinched for a more casual look—either way, this is our favorite take on Seattle formal.

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Men's Rain Jacket with Removable Hood, Domdrich


Image: Domdrich

See-through vinyl solves every wet-weather style dilemma, whether you despise the thought of hiding your carefully planned outfit under a layer of Gore-tex or you want your jacket to make the fashion statement for you. Note that Domdrich is based in Odessa—support a Ukrainian business, but expect shipping delays.

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Rain or Shine Coat, Alder Apparel


Image: Alder Apparel

Alder, an outdoor brand specifically built for adventurous women, lightens up the iconic yellow raincoat with 100 percent recycled material, a wealth of actually useful pockets (finally!), and adjustable everything.

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The Freeman, Freeman Local


Image: Freeman

Why trust another city with your rainwear? Freeman's signature made-in-Seattle raincoat conjures up images of an idyllic camping trip—from the plaid flannel lining to the sky-gray outer—without making you look or feel like you’re wrapped up in a tent.

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Kate Spade New York Leopard Print A-Line Rain Jacket, Nordstrom Rack  Local

$115 $248

Thanks to an a-line silhouette, a rounded point collar, and a high-contrast zipper that breaks up the pattern, this jacket feels classic despite its bold allover print.

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Upland Cargo Jacket, Maiden Noir Local


Image: Maiden Noir

Next time someone questions our city's style, point them to Maiden Noir: The Seattle-and-Tokyo-based fashion brand crafts effortlessly cool streetwear, including this cargo-pant inspired, three-layer jacket. Even the Maiden Noir–branded tape-sealed seams look good.

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Rain Poncho, Rainkiss


Image: Rainkiss

Maybe the underprepared tourists who buy single-use ponchos to protect themselves from early summer rain are onto something—at least in the silhouette department. Designer prints make Amsterdam-based Rainkiss's recycled-polyester version infinitely more fashionable (and it won't wind up in a landfill once the rain subsides). 

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Swiftwater Rain Jacket, Filson Local


Image: Filson

Seattle-founded outerwear company Filson manages to keep even its most functional products PNW-polished. This simple shell prevents any water from seeping in; whether you need it for a bike commute or a fishing trip, it's light enough to pack in its own pocket.

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