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Simply Seattle Is the Best Shop in the City for Local Sports Gear

The folks at Simply Seattle don't just sell Seattle stuff—they're serious Seattle superfans.

By Zoe Sayler

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Simply Seattle's the city's go-to for Kraken gear. (And Mariners gear, and Sonics gear, and...)

Simply Seattle is one of dozens of local shops featured in the Shops at Seattle Met, the city's first online marketplace bringing the best local businesses together in one place. See Simply Seattle's full lineup of local gear here.

One Saturday during the playoffs, a Mariners fan placed a Birkenstock on his head and started a trend that’s said to have staged the team’s improbable comeback against the Toronto Blue Jays. Simply Seattle had a design on deck so fast that fans were rocking their rally shoe tees by Monday.

What started more than 30 years ago as the sort of gift shop stocked with tourist-friendly Space Needle coffee mugs (though you can still get those, too) has evolved into the city’s preeminent source for Seattle sports gear, from Mariners tees inspired by viral moments to custom Sonics hats you can’t find anywhere else. “We're not just a company that sells Mariners gear and Sonics gear,” says marketing manager Joe Munson. “We’re actually Mariners fans and Sonics fans.” 

And Seahawks fans. And Kraken fans. And Storm fans. And UW fans. And Ballard FC fans, too: Simply Seattle aims to carry merchandise for as many local teams as possible, including those “that have smaller followings than the big teams, but very passionate followings at the same time,” Munson says. 

While Simply Seattle certainly carries the classics—Kraken jerseys, hats adorned with the Seahawks logo—what really sets them apart is their dedication to providing true-blue fan gear for locals looking for something special. “Something that we’ve seen across other sports sites is oftentimes things can feel a little stale,” Munson says. “We don’t want to be like that.”

And the results show it: There’s always something new in stock, from throwbacks to mashups that combine one team’s logo with another team’s colors, inside jokes to special designs catered toward Seattle die-hards.

That kind of loyalty pays off: The Seattle Supersonics outsell every other team on Simply Seattle’s roster, 15 years after they played their last game.

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