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Filson's wool cruiser: the original shacket?

Did Seattle invent the shacket? 

That depends how you define the oft-searched shirt-jacket portmanteau (no French pun intended). Do heavy button-ups qualify as shackets? What about the “light jacket” Miss Congeniality’s Miss Rhode Island claimed was perfect for a date (April 25, to be exact)? 

Like many essential pieces of Seattle style, the humble shacket got its start as workwear before it hit the streets—as the nineteenth-century French bleu de travail (now better known as a chore coat), as the CPO shirt worn by Chief Petty Officers in the U.S. Navy.

But the cozy, campfire-ready shackets we’re searching for today are perhaps most closely tied to C.C. Filson’s wool cruising shirt, patented in 1914 as an ordinary shirt combined with “an additional thickness of the shirt fabric” extending from the chest of the garment to insulate the entire back. Sounds like as good a definition for “shacket” as any.

Though it was built for Washington lumbermen working in waterlogged forests and quickly adapted into the red-and-black plaid of early hunters’ camouflage, Filson’s cruising shirt soon entered “the well-dressed man’s wardrobe,” as it was featured in the Seattle Sunday Times in 1936.

Shackets, then, are far from a fad—still, Adrian Eames of Fremont menswear boutique Eames NW says their popularity seems to increase with each coming year. Why? They’re “an easy way to elevate an outfit that pretty much anyone can pull off,” Eames says. No timbercutting expertise required.

Here are 12 shackets we love, from the rugged to the trendy:

Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket, Filson Local


Image: Filson

The shacket that started it all. Filson's Mackinaw Cruiser hasn't changed much since 1914, meaning it's still as good for hard work in the woods as it is for sharpening up your everyday wardrobe. And when we say "everyday," we mean it—Filson products may carry a hefty price tag, but they're known to last a lifetime.

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Jungmaven Olympic Jacket, Prism Local


Image: Prism

This cotton twill jacket may look light, but it's made to withstand the elements. And whatever trendy color schemes you throw at it: Prism's got it stocked in nine subdued shades.

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Wax London Whiting Overshirt, Eames NW Local


Image: Eames NW

Available in neutral solids and some extremely fun plaids (see you there once the ecru/raindrop colorway's back in stock), you're looking at Eames NW's most popular shacket of the year, for good reason. It's loose, light, warm, and looks way more put-together than your go-to puffer.

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Veda Leather Shirt Jacket, Reformation


Image: Reformation

2021 leather trend, meet 2021 shacket trend. We think you'll get along great.

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Feedback Shirt Jacket, Outdoor Research Local


SoDo brand Outdoor Research heard the call of the masses and transformed its crowd-favorite Feedback flannel into an insulated overshirt. (As tempting as it may seem, you should not wear both at once.)

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Vero Moda Fortune Lippa Shirt Jacket, Nordstrom Local


Image: Nordstrom

Vero Moda's boxy, cropped take offers a little extra structure—lest you worry that "shacket" = "shapeless."

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Petos Corduroy Shacket, KAVU Local


Image: KAVU

We don't usually do this, but we're going to let our favorite outdoorsy Ballardites at KAVU speak for themselves on this one: "This stylish piece is not just a shacket it's a CORDUROY shacket." Do yourself a favor and watch the Petos video, too.

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Wilfred Free Ganna Shirt Jacket, Aritzia


Image: Aritzia

Aritzia's shacket selection is well out of the woods. This fashionable, oversize version comes in 30 different colorways and modern fabrics from wool to leather to sherpa.

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Topo Designs Shirt Jacket, REI Local


Image: REI

Part of Topo Designs' ultra-sustainable "dirt collection" (it is not made of dirt, but a reference to the typically dirty garment production process), this shacket takes its cues straight from the French work coat with simple cotton construction in a deep shade of blue.

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Belrose Shirt Jacket, Madewell


Image: Madewell

Oversize and cozy like a well-worn work shirt swiped from your grandparents' closet. This vintage-inspired wool version, available from sizes XXS to XXL, is the next best thing.

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Corduroy Michigan Chore Coat, Carhartt WIP


Image: Carhartt

Carhartt's streetwear brand, Carhartt WIP, brings the utility of workwear to distinctly streetwear aesthetics—making shackets, especially of this wine-colored corduroy variety, a natural choice.

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Just Female Luna Shirt Jacket, Pipe and Row Local


Image: Pipe and Row

Plaid overshirts don't have to be lumberjack-chic.

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