Want to keep it local for all your presents, even for those who don't live in Seattle? We asked Yelp about their recommendations for "Shop Local, Ship Out" (a phrase I'm rolling with). Chatting with Yelp Seattle Community Director, Cara Lageson, we talked about some of the following fab picks:

  • Laura Bee Designs: Small studio in Seattle that's been open for 14 years. Creates handmade women's accessories, jewelry, and small gift items. Ships nationally with free shipping over $35.
  • Glassybaby: Sells glass votives and drinkers in Seattle. Ships nationally.
  • LUCCA Great Finds: Focuses on giving an old European feel with their products and their store itself. Almost everything in their store is handmade or chosen for its personality.
  • Made In Washington: An entire store devoted to selling and creating products right from Washington.
  • Metsker Maps: Metsker Maps is for the map and globe lover. They sell everything map and globe oriented, as well as books and other small gifts. They're located right outside of Pike Place Market.
  • KOBO: Specializes in products from Japanese artists in the region. They describe their style as "Japanese + NW design + craftsmanship + art."
  • Ballard Bee Company: Honey and honey products all farmed right from Ballard. Ship nationally.
  • MakrBox: Subscription-based box that you get monthly (if you're giving this box as a gift, you're able to select just one month)/ This subscription box features products all locally made in the PNW. (Cara explains further: "These locally-sourced, customizable gift boxes are a really unique, "make anyone happy" kind of gift that's super easy on the gift giver—the perfect present for the most difficult people to shop for on your list. Makr Box supports local businesses, creatives, and makers from right here in the PNW, and shares the story behind each product included. Plus, you can pick from many of the items on this list, like San Jan Island Salts and Ballard Bee Company honey!") 
  • San Juan Island Sea Salt: Creates sea salt, honey, and other small, local products with ingredients from the San Juan Islands. Gift sets available too!
  • Ugly Baby and La Ru: Local art shop "for adults" with handmade art, art kits, and eclectic gifts and cards.

So, how did you choose these specific shops?
We used Yelp to do a search of the most popular local shopping destinations in the greater Seattle area, based on their Yelp ratings and reviews from locals. Then, we researched which of those businesses offered online shopping, whether on their own sites, Amazon, Etsy, or otherwise. 

"Shop local, ship out" is a cool concept, especially for Seattleites who want to share the city with relatives and friends who don't live here. Do you think "shop local" is evolving to be more like this? 
I do believe that local shopping for the holiday season is heading toward "shop local, ship out" especially in tech-forward cities, like Seattle. In particular, Yelpers are already using the app and the website with their wallets open, looking to support local businesses. Buying locally and sharing that experience is a huge part of our community.

Each year we encourage holiday shoppers to purchases their gifts locally through the Yelp Shops Local campaign, which shares local shopping events, discounts, and gift ideas daily in December. It takes a little extra effort to buy your holiday gifts locally, and we're hoping to make that easier by pointing out great Seattle businesses who allow you to buy and ship online.

What's coming up for Yelp Seattle? 
Next year planning is already in the works! ...we'll be hosting a promo in the late winter/early spring offering free experiences at quirky and unique ...businesses around town—all free! So, if you're looking to keep that New Years resolution you made but your typical workout isn't inspiring you enough, Yelp Quirks Out can help. To get involved, first make sure you've signed up for a free Yelp account and then head over to yelp.com/events (as well as following their Twitter (@YelpSeattle), Instagram (@YelpSeattle), and Facebook).


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