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The Punk Rock Flea Market (PRFM) returns victorious next week! Featuring live music every night starting at 8pm, the PRFM returns to the V2 on Capitol Hill (formerly known as Value Village) on 11th Ave between Pike and Pine Streets. There will be revelry, booze and vendors welcome to sell anything at all. In fact, the ethos is, "There is no limit. Stuff they made, stuff they purchased, stuff they stole. Big things, small things, clothes, music, crafts, art, dog sweaters, skateboards, nipple rings, barbie dolls, Zippo lighters, playing cards with girlie photos on the back, Russian military paraphernalia, spring rolls, and untold riches of punk rock paraphernalia."
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Basically, anything goes, and all of it is cool. Just a buck for admission, the PRFM also supports the Low Income Housing Institute, a nonprofit organization that provides homes for homeless and low-income people all around the Puget Sound. Once expenses are covered, all additional proceeds will be going to the LIHI (
And finally, the organizers say, "This is worth noting—the only way the management agreed to let our sick crew into the building once again is because PRFM will be the LAST THING ever to happen in this building before it gets torn to the muthafuggin’ GROUND! That’s right yo; PRFM is bringing down this place DOWN. Thursday night is the END of the Value Village. And it is gonna be FUN."
When: Tuesday, December 20 through Thursday December 22, 2016
Tuesday and Wednesday will run 4pm to 10pm
The final night, Thursday, will be 4pm to midnight 
Where: At V2 (formerly Value Village); 1525 11th Ave in Capitol Hill
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