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Image courtesy of Gibran Hamdan.

You very well may remember Gibran Hamdan as the former Seahawks (backup) quarterback, but did you also know he has a three clothing lines: Alial Fital, kidswear line Ace Playfield, and will be launching a the third shortly, Players Make Plays (quick sidenote—check out the 'Beast Quake' design if you’re looking for football fan-worthy holiday gifts). We caught up with the style aficionado and got a little bit more on his level.

Name and occupation.
Gibran Hamdan, creator and designer for Alial Fital, Ace Playfield, and Players Make Plays.

Quote or motto to live by.
Death is en route. Live Accordingly. (
La Mort est en Route. Vivant en Consequence.)
Describe your style.
Erratic. The only certainty when it comes to my style is it will change. I love to experiment and try new things. Currently I'm rocking a monochromatic streetwear look.

Having two kids under three has certainly changed the way I think about my own style. When I was in the NFL I was known for wearing a blazer to work every day and now it's black sweaters and black pants on the daily. Running three design brands, being a "soloprenuer," and dedicated Dad really has contributed to my current phase more than anything. The less mental space I'm using to determine color and fabric combinations in the morning the more space I have to do that when I hit the office.
Who is your favorite designer and/or style icon?
Dries Van Noten is my favorite designer. What I admire about him the most is his unique ability to deliver commercially viable pieces while always pushing the boundaries of fashion and design. His ability to be popular and innovative at the same time is incredibly difficult.

My style icon is my wife Jenny. She's always one step ahead. And she's fearless. She recently cut her hair like Claire Underwood from House of Cards—it was a huge risk but it turned out amazing.
What is your favorite place to people watch in Seattle?
My favorite people watching spot in Seattle has to be Turkish Delight restaurant in Pike Place Market. We've come to know Ahmed, Samra, and Denise, the wonderful and gracious family behind it, and it is simply a perfect spot to eat and let the hour wash away. The chicken salad with rice or lentil soup is to die for. If you have the time - enjoy a turkish coffee and delight. Authentic!

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