It seems everything is a startup, a tech company, or an app these days, and Seattle is right on the forefront of tech everything. And while the marriage of technology and clothing is usually the style side of this (see Spring 2016’s The Met’s Manus x Machina), we can’t forget about that mop on our heads.

Sassoon, arguably the most famous name in haircare of all time, is launching a new collection, UTOPIA, as an answer to the call for more advanced…well, everything, and that includes our hair. UTOPIA is inspired by the “relationship we have with the digital age,” as well as hyper-modern futuristic tech-fashion. The trends they’re predicting include The Classic 2.0 which is the effortlessly Messy Bob (MOB) “which couples a beautiful shape with effortless, yet exaggerated texture,” a look called Opposites Attract which is a cooler color palette rather than warm, and Functionality, which is, of course the “wash-and-wear” hair.

I get a real minimal sense here, like a great cut means you can get up and be a part of what’s happening; nothing fussy. Can you elaborate on the shapes?
"Absolutely! Effortless style and low maintenance are at the heart of a great haircut. Starting with excellent technique, it’s the shape of the haircut that helps the hair function. Maximum effort should not be required for maximum sophistication,” says Lisa Baber, Sassoon Salon Creative Director.

And would you say these new styles and tones are wearable? 
“Living in the digital information age, we’re exposed to endless options and possibilities—especially in a world where art, beauty and technology often collide,” says Carmen Wenthold, Sassoon Salon Color Director. “This season’s styles and tones are 100 percent wearable as we’re no longer afraid to experiment and customize.”

Does Sassoon feel like wearability is part of the digital age?
Baber continues, “Wearability is now more important than ever. With less time and way more to do, having beautifully cut and colored hair should not only be effortless but both functional and suitable for the individual and their lifestyle.”

The SASSOON Salon is in downtown Seattle on 5th Ave and Union.

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