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Vincero Watches Turns 2 Years Old

Founded by three Gonzaga grads, Vincero revolutionizes the idea of affordable luxury timepieces.

By Colleen Williams August 23, 2016

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Image courtesy of Vincero.

A colleague mentioned his daughter had given him a watch for his birthday and it was one of his favorites; it had a clean, masculine look he loved, the band was sophisticated and could go with anything, and oh, by the way, the guys were from Washington. I perked up; say what?

Turns out, Vincero Collective is the brainchild of three longtime friends who met at Gonzaga University. The three business majors set out after graduation to develop a product that fulfilled a need they themselves had; after many manufacturing ideas, they finally hit on a kickstarter launch to fund watches. Cut to today: the now two year old brand has a line of three styles (and a total of about 14 SKUs). One of the standouts is the Marble Collection; “crafted, not made.” Each uniquely-created timepiece has a dial of hand-cut Italian marble, as well as the linked band has an inlaid marble design. Marble plays a big part throughout all the Vincero Collection watches – the Chronos and Kairos both have marble on the reverse side of the dial as well as Italian leather bands.

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The Vincero founding team, courtesy of Vincero.

“We saw that there was a need for a better quality watch in the sub - $200 price point. Something that looked good and was a great product but wasn't going to cost guys an arm and a leg to get. We wanted to do something different and saw this opportunity,” says co-founder Aaron Hallerman. In 2011, the trio quit their jobs and put their global production experience to work: the watches had to have good weight, style, be versatile and also have some value. It took years, but the result came through - a self-funded ecomm business that gives men a real choice in purchasing a watch. And if you happen to be in Seattle, you’re buying from some homegrown talent.

Their growth has been deliberate and because of that, successful. “We didn't want to do too much at once. So we focused on simply offering a great watch at a great value.  Our rapid growth in the last year has allowed us to slowly expand our core offering from there and offer a few different styles while keeping the focus on quality and value,” continues Hallerman. They have plans to add collaborations with other brands, develop partnerships, and introduce a women’s line next year. “We're into remaining a bootstrapped, self-funded business, and have our sights set on some exciting stuff in the next year.” With a motto like Veni, vidi, vici. Come, See, Conquer, we’d expect nothing less. Check out their 2-year anniversary sale online through Monday

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