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Totokaelo's vast shoe display. 

July 17–
Alhambra Summer Sale
Fine women's clothes and accessories galore here. Sandals, shoes, tops, bottoms, and dresses 30 to 50 percent off. 

July 17–
Totokaelo: Spend More, Save More
This Capitol Hill shop is known for being a little different, but it's still stocked with items that can please any style sense. And when your partner asks why the credit cards were all maxed out this month, tell them, "it was the kind of sale where the more you spend, the more you save." 

July 17–
Hammer and Awl's Summer Sale
The name of the sale is a little misleading. Sure, it includes summer basics like t-shirts and shades, but fall staples like wool vests, long-sleeve shirts, and rain jackets are also available at a lower price. 

July 22
Victoria Beckham Trunk Show
Mario’s, in Downtown Seattle, is offering their clients a peak at Mrs. Beckham’s pre-fall and fall lines. But I regret to inform that neither Victoria, or David, will be making an appearance. 

Save the Date
Friday, July 29
The Belltown Night Market
Meet local shop owners, nibble on small-bites, and sip some bubbly all while going from boutique to boutique. It starts at Bell Street Park and from there it basically becomes a bar-hop, but with shopping. Sell Your Sole, Kuhlman, Endless Knot, and other Belltown favorites are participating.