Summer is a hard time to commit to fragrance (and I say this as a person who is wholly devoted to big perfume, by the way, whether that is something light and indecipherable, or if it is a full-blown patchouli explosion). The old adage "a little goes a long way" rings true in warmer weather; it feels as though the heat amplifies scent to an annoying degree, from street odor to anything you spritz on your wrist. Plus, some fragrances are simply too formal for these lazy days. As Now Smell This contributor Angela Sanders is quoted in The Guardian: “It makes sense,” she says. “Do you really wear your most serious clothing in summer? Summer is the time to take Fridays off, stay up late and wear cheap sandals. Summer perfumes reflect that feeling.”

So barring nothing at all, what's your favorite summertime scent? I'd bottle Seattle's spring honeysuckle and wear it year round if I could, but since I am not equipped to make that happen, here are our picks for 2016's dog days. 


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