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Madewell is opening a new downtown shop. Yes, you read that right, and the grand opening is tomorrow (April 26). Joyce Lee—denim fanatic and head of design at Madewell—gave us the inside scoop on what customers can expect to find, including features like an accessories wall and their signature "complete" denim bar that will be found only at the latest location. The conversation with Lee answers why Madewell wanted to open a shop downtown, how she chooses accessories, who is her favorite model, and much more.

Why did Madewell decide to open up a downtown location? 
We know that our customers are living and working in downtown Seattle. Opening a store downtown makes it more convenient for the people who are already shopping in store and allows us to bring our in-store experience to those who wouldn’t normally travel.

What's going to be different about this location?
The new downtown location will have a complete Denim Bar, our in-store destination for everything denim including our storied jeans and seasonal trend pieces like overalls and jumpsuits. There will also be an accessories wall that will house a collection of our leather bags and shoes.

Why has Madewell chosen to focus on denim?
From day one, Madewell has been a denim brand. My team and I are denim obsessed, whether designing or shopping for ourselves, we see denim as the base of every outfit.

How do you determine what goes well with denim?
When designing we always start with denim and create pieces around it. For instance, now that jeans’ rises are higher, we created shorter proportions on top to go with them. As cropped jeans become popular, we have designed ankle boots with just the right shaft height to wear underneath them.

To you, what makes something timeless when it comes to fashion?
When a piece can be worn season after season and becomes a wardrobe staple, and [is of] great quality.

If you could have any model to show off Madewell's clothes, who would it be and why?
We already have her! Constance Jablonski.  She is effortless and embodies the Madewell vibe. She looks just as amazing in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as an embroidered dress.



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