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Warby Parker to Open Eyewear Store in Fremont

Frantically searching for high-quality prescription glasses for around $95? Look no further.

By Dominique Etzel October 1, 2015

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Warby Parker Cofounders Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal want to put an end to ridiculously expensive eyewear. Image via Warby Parker 

This Saturday, October 3, eyeglasses purveyor Warby Parker will open a standalone shop in Fremont, the first in Seattle. Located at 3501 Fremont Place North, the shop will sell vintage-inspired eyeglasses and sunglasses, but also act as a sort of literary paradise as well.

As customers enter the Warby Parker Annex they are welcomed by a stacked book window installation and a large cement block (a literal ode to writer’s block) upon which they can write their very own five-word memoir. Elsewhere the store is not shy of typewriters, books, and coffee mugs. Most of the inspiration stems from novels and authors like Jack Kerouac, whose character's names combined form the quirky name Warby Parker

We spoke with co-founder Dave Gilboa about how their creative roots ended up planted in the Fremont neighborhood.

 “Our brand has always been drawn to a kind of literary world and more generally the art world,” says Gilboa. “We just love the feel of the neighborhood, the small coffee shops, art galleries, the year long festivities whether its parades or farmers markets. It just seems like a very vibrant community that we’re excited to be a part of.”

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Warby Parker's fall collection will be available for purchase in the Seattle store | Image via Warby Parker

The Annex is, in fact, the first retail location to open in the Pacific Northwest but they are no strangers to this city. In August, they introduced [email protected] x Warby Parker at Nordstrom’s Downtown and Bellevue Square locations. Prior to that they toured the country in a school bus turned showroom that resembled a traveling library.

Individuals with 20/20 vision can still benefit from the large selection of sunglasses or a good novel recommended by one of the employees. Gilboa himself is a sucker for the classics.

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