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Teadora Offers Natural Beauty Products by Way of Brazil

The Bellevue brand's eco-conscious skin and hair care line uses powerful ingredients from the Amazon rain forest.

By Aoife Reilly October 8, 2015

Image via teadora fbg1go

Image via Teadora

When Valeria Cole was a little girl in Brazil she watched how her mother made beauty products using ingredients from the rainforest.. ''My mother cared for her skin and hair using natural remedies," says Cole. "I was taught that we had a responsibility to protect the rainforest, as well as respect the awesome power of the plants that grew there."

After moving to the U.S. for work, Cole struggled to find beauty products that boasted the powerful ingredients that were readily available in her home country. So in 2013 she decided to leave her day job at Microsoft to create her own natural beauty line.

''I wanted to honor the memory of my childhood in Brazil, to introduce my culture to the U.S., and to give back to both countries through innovative new spa quality products, rainforest conservation and youth education.''

Teadora launched last year with an extensive range of products aimed at nourishing and hydrating the skin with natural antioxidant-rich ingredients sourced straight from the Amazon rainforest. Cole focuses on ingredients such as acai, babassu, and cupuaçu which improve the skin's texture and appearance thanks to their moisture-rich qualities.

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Image via Teadora

Staying true to her mother's words on conservation, Cole established the Earth For You, You For Earth program to support and maintain the Amazon rainforest. ''Part of the proceeds from the range help fund this program between the U.S. and Brazil to support education, leadership development, health, and rainforest conservation,'' says Cole.

From body scrubs to conditioners, the variety of natural products within the range is really impressive. Our favorite is the Rainforest at Dawn Nourishing Body Butter which tackles dry skin. It has a thick consistency but it doesn't feel heavy or greasy on the body.

Up next the Bellevue-based brand is adding a number of anti-aging products to the range, along with some new hair products and body scents. Cole is even hoping to open a retail outlet and spa in Seattle where customers can learn more about the ingredients they use and try out some rainforest-inspired treatments.

Individual products are available online or you can try before you buy and order up to 10 samples and just pay for the shipping.

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