With Valentine's Day on the horizon, the pressure is on, both in terms of picking the perfect gift as well as choosing a romantic destination. Fortunately a local popup shop has us last-minute planners covered, turning the journey into the destination with a one-stop Valentine's Day bazaar. 

The team behind BadWill Market, a curated flea market of sorts showcasing small, independent businesses, hosts the Valentine's Emporium at Rhino Room on Sunday, February 8 from 2 to 7, featuring a chocolatier, a florist, gift wrapping, and more.

Image via BadWill Market

Twenty local vendors join the ranks, bringing with them an array of Valentine's-themed goodies ranging from vintage dresses to sage bundles to decadent chocolates. Be sure to check out some of these local vendors:

Dark Days chocolate slings herbal-infused dark chocolate treats, while Love Blooms event designers arrange bouquets and take special orders for Valentine's Day delivery. Meanwhile, Lucky Vintage touches down with a trove of antique treasures in tow, LA-based and Seattle-native designer Madeline Chadwick comes armed with handmade leather bags and accessories, and The Hood Witch sells heart-shaped herbs along with her usual arsenal of crystals and sage bundles.

Image via Madeline Chadwick Handbags

The event is complete with a photobooth where you and your guy or gal can sneak a smooch. 

Hot tip: Keep your eyes peeled for coming BadWill Market popups around town.

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