Trying to send the right message to your spicy senorita or classically romantic beau? Our resident chocolate expert (seriously, she has a degree) Alyssa Volpigno shares her nine favorite bars and bon bons for Valentine's Day gift giving.

Every Valentine’s Day I momentarily fantasize about what it would be like to receive a huge heart-shaped box of chocolates, but the minute I start to imagine blindly biting into mediocre confections, that dream disappears. In my opinion, it’s far more romantic to pick chocolates (or any gift for that matter) for your significant other because they remind you of him or her.

To help, I’ve curated three V-Day themes surrounding some of my favorite Seattle-area chocolates. Some of these selections require a special trip to Pioneer Square, but others can be found last minute at your local drug store.

Click through our sweet slide show below.