Fall Fashion 2014

Seattle Fall Fashion 2014 at the Frye Art Museum

This month the Frye Art Museum moves a crowd-curated collection of master works into the main galleries. What future classics will you exhibit this season?

With Laura Cassidy Photography by April Brimer September 15, 2014 Published in the October 2014 issue of Seattle Met

If you haven't been to the Frye Art Museum lately, you haven't been to the Frye. Last winter's Burial from Mark Mitchell and this summer's run of Your Feast Has Ended made it clear that if your interest in art takes masterwork, history, and regionally rooted emerging cultural perspectives into account, this is the place for you. 

Considering the fall 2014 season of fashion and the ever-evolving trend to mash-up classic lines and elegant silhouettes with raw, easy-going textiles, patterns, and color palettes, the Frye seemed the perfect place for us, too.

Especially once we heard about the museum's social media campaign, set to take things one step further.

Seattle fashion photographer April Brimer shot these images, as styled by me with Amanda Zurita, during the final days (for now at least) of the salon-style founding collection setup that the Frye is often known for. 

As of the new exhibit's grand opening on October 2, a crowd-sourced version of these priceless works will be shown in the main galleries. Here's hoping you enjoy how we captured them before the set was disassembled, and here's hoping you catch some autumnal inspiration in the process.

Crossley wool-blend turtleneck ($255), Butch Blum. Etro wool-blend fringed cape ($2,735), Neiman Marcus. Wool fedora by Yestadt ($245), Hitchcock Madrona. Locally made brass earrings ($145) and mixed-material beaded necklace ($198) by Faris, Frye Art Museum Store.

Image: April Brimer

Color, texture, pattern. Shine. The modern mix is still very much about the mix, but the eclectic pattern- and print-tangle that feels so right in spring is traded for a textile tumble and worldly exchange in the cooler (and colder) months.

Image: April Brimer

How to walk confidently toward the intersection of global elegance and urban sport? Trade trousers for long, jam-like short-pants worn with tights or socks and chunky heels, and pair them with long layers made of active-wear materials, utilitarian fabrics, and hand-made elements like embroidery.


Maria Calderara mesh nylon tunic ($328), Baby and Co. Gary Graham quilted silk vest ($764), Les Amis. Cashmere and wool cropped trousers from the Seattle line Schai ($780), Schai. Christian Louboutin flatforms ($695), Mario’s. Boet crocheted silk and brass necklace ($206), Oblik Atelier gold-plated brass rings ($110–$150), Nicholas Galanin copper cuff ($600), bronze bangle by Seattle designer Kimberly Baker ($130), and earrings ($210) and bangle ($70) by Seattle designer Sarah Loertscher, Frye Art Museum Store. Ostrich and deer leather zipper clutch from the Seattle line Anne Sylvain ($995), Anne Sylvain.

Image: April Brimer

Traditional ideas about dressing up and dressing down are no longer relevant; modern style combines formality with ease. Start with a piece that's either casual or fine, and layer from there with a careful sense of balance. One of these, one of those. One of these, one of those ...

On him:Diesel’s embroidered cotton sweatshirt ($198) and Stone Island cotton trousers ($425), Mario’s. Double-breasted moleskin jacket by the Gigi ($925), Jack Straw. Tom Ford velvet high-top sneakers ($890), Neiman Marcus. On her: Eskandar silk tunic ($1,495), Neiman Marcus. Locally custom-made polyester leggings by Bombsheller ($79), Bombsheller. Harvey Faircloth quilted shorts ($338), Baby and Co. Jimmy Choo suede slip-on sneakers ($795), similar styles available at Jimmy Choo. Oblik Atelier gold-plated brass rings ($110–$150), Stephanie Simek Mitsumata bentwood choker ($240), and Natalie Joy oxidized brass necklace ($100), Frye Art Museum Store.

Image: April Brimer

Color is one of the most enticing innovations in fashion. While many designers studied gray this season, still others put pastel- and sherbert-punctuated earth-tones into the lexicon. Look for lavender, mint, and peach on fall racks, and reach for forest greens and ocre yellows to ground them in the season. Alternately, go for tones that match Seattle skies and know that it's indeed "a thing."


On him: Aglini brushed-cotton shirt ($285), Mason’s velvet corduroy pants ($295), and John Varvatos suede monk-strap oxfords ($498), Butch Blum. Mauro Grifoni wool, silk, and cashmere sweater vest ($298) and Avant Toi reversible merino and cashmere sweater coat ($1,698), Baby and Co. Klements cashmere-blend scarf ($230) and Weston silk scarf ($285), Hitchcock Madrona. On her: Amelia Toro boucle turtleneck with contrast sleeves ($858) and Bensimon nylon sport bag ($78), Baby and Co. Oska wool and mohair knit cape ($359), Oska. Stella McCartney zipper-detail trousers ($1,480), Neiman Marcus. A Détacher suede booties (price upon request), Lambs Ear.

Image: April Brimer

Knit-dressing is "a thing," too. And not just for women. Men get cozy in sweater coats and more, and as for the trend of digital images and oversized scarves: it's meant to be shared and shared alike.


Klements cashmere blend scarf ($230) and Weston silk scarf ($285), Hitchcock Madrona

Image: April Brimer

A good sturdy oxford will take you anywhere these days—including the runway. (Should you happen to find yourself on one.) Never have we seen more flat-footed options in high-fashion arenas, and many of the best options are white. Yes, even in the winter. Wear them with looks that skirt frippery and recreation.


Locally made Mantis down vest ($499), Oska. Lanvin silk blouse ($1,048), Mario’s. Maria Calderara split-front mesh skirt ($518) and Amelia Toro leather oxfords ($568), Baby and Co. EKollins viscose slim slacks ($398), Butch Blum. Brass hoop earrings by Seattle’s Faris ($290), locally made Eric Saeter cast silver ring ($165), and Oblik Atelier gold-plated brass rings ($110–$150) and cuffs ($265–$285), Frye Art Museum Store.

Image: April Brimer


Weston silk scarf ($285), Hitchcock Madrona

Image: April Brimer

A certain ’90s sensibility lingers; the Seattle look (don't make us say the "G" word) continues to be a strong reference point for the rest of the world. Sturdy woolen jackets pair nicely with the proverbial Sunday best, and classic knit patterns are tied around every waist in fashion these days.


Étoile by Isabel Marant wool-blend coat ($422) and Rachel Comey silk dress ($564), Les Amis. Rag and Bone wool-blend sweater ($495) and Elizabeth and James calf-hair wristlet ($225), Neiman Marcus. Jimmy Choo midcalf leather boots ($1,195), similar styles available at Jimmy Choo. Tiro Tiro bronze earrings ($82) and locally made brass Faris necklace ($295), Frye Art Museum Store.

Image: April Brimer

A hit list: baseball jackets, jeweled embellishments, camouflage and more camouflage, knit textiles not just in the pullover category but as skirts and pants, too.

Malene Birger jeweled bomber jacket ($995) and Richiami cashmere-blend scarf ($425), Butch Blum. Rag and Bone x Coogi knit skirt ($395), Neiman Marcus. Yestadt silk and pony-hair cap ($275), Hitchcock Madrona. Natalie Joy brass and sterling earrings ($60), Frye Art Museum Store.

Image: April Brimer

Fall’s favorite silhouette is long; wear it in layers to maximize potential, and add a sneaker to throw the whole thing wonderfully off-balance.


Jean Paul Gaultier polyester mesh turtleneck ($425) and Ji Oh wool vest ($998), Butch Blum. Seattle-made wool skirt by April Pride ($995), April Pride. Golden Goose high-top sneakers ($550), Lambs Ear.

Image: April Brimer


Image: April Brimer


Stylist’s Assistants: Emma Ranniger, Conor Romack

Hair and Makeup: Jamyrlyn Mallory

Models: Feliks K for Heffner Management, Olivia G for Seattle Models Guild

Store Directory

Anne Sylvain
5660 Third Ave S, Georgetown (by appointment)
206-447-2316; annesylvain.com

April Pride

Baby and Co.
1936 First Ave, Belltown
206-448-4077; babyandco.us


Butch Blum
1332 Sixth Ave, Downtown
206-622-5760; butchblum.com

Frye Art Museum Store
704 Terry Ave, Capitol Hill
206-622-9250; fryemuseum.org

Hitchcock Madrona
1406 34th Ave, Madrona
206-838-7173; hitchcockmadrona.com

Jack Straw
1930 First Ave, Downtown
206-462-6236; jstraw.com

Jimmy Choo
11111 NE Eighth St, Bellevue
425-646-1111; jimmychoo.com

Lambs Ear
617 N 35th St, Fremont
206-632-2626; lambsearshoes.com


Les Amis
3420 Evanston Ave N, Fremont
206-632-2877; lesamis-inc.com

1513 Sixth Ave, Downtown
206-223-1461; marios.com

Neiman Marcus
11111 NE Eighth St, Bellevue
425-452-3300; neimanmarcus.com

Oska Seattle
1322 Fifth Ave, Downtown
206-209-5401; oska-seattle.com


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