Wedding Wednesday

Seattle Vintage Wedding Inspiration Shoot

Team work! Into the Gold, Mary Kalhor, Gidgette Bardot, Grace Fong, and Eunice Navarro Gabay put their heads together for this lovely look at times gone by.

By Laura Cassidy August 6, 2014

Time travel? Why sure. Whether for your wedding day or just the next few minutes, these images will sweep you off your feet—and if you care to wear something old or something blue while that's happening, get your hands on the locally available vintage featured here!

Oh, for the love of vintage. Get inside these gorgeous images by Mary Kalhor of vintage wedding fashion from Osiris Navarro of Gidgette Bardot. Prop styling by Melanie McCaughan of Into the Gold, makeup by Grace Fong, and hair by Eunice Navarro Gabay. Assistant: Rhiannon Tangi
Image: Mary Kalhor




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