The wedding world isn't particularly set up for brick-and-mortar driop-in service. Vendors who keep storefronts with regular business hours are few and far between. It just isn't how the industry works.

With a few exceptions of course; ring and jewelry sellers, gown and suit shops, and floral boutiques being the most notable.

So it's maybe especially notable when a talented floral designer has two Seattle locations at which to welcome you in and invite you to sniff around a bit.

Sam Crowley's new Pioneer Square shop is at 112 South Washington; you're encouraged to stop in at your leisure and get a feel for the Australia-native's lush, modern sensibilities and arrangments—like the ones shown below, featured in our current issue.

Seattle Met Bride & Groom image by Melissa O'Hearn; see current issue (summer/fall 2014) for more information


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