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First Look 2014: Beautiful Bites

Your wedding is going to be beautiful, and so is the food. Sink your teeth into it at our July 10 wedding showcase.

By Laura Cassidy July 2, 2014

We live a world so steeped in beauty that even our food is gorgeous, and those of you eyeballs-deep in the process of planning a beautiful wedding are probably extra-alert to the color, shape, and presentation of the snacks and entrees you're putting in front of your guests.

As well you should be.

Just make sure you've got July 10 marked on your calendar, and rest assured that as First Look 2014 explores the design and style of your wedding and your reception, thoughtful and pleasingly plated nourishment is totally in the mix.

Here's an introduction to the catering companies on board for our signature wedding showcase and party.

Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering: As in the image below, this food and beverage service provider is all about the intersection of haute and low-key. Expect sophisticated comfort food and glamorous flavors.

Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes minis image via

Wandering Cafe: Pretty pea vines, rhubarb shortcake, black pepper cream, brown bread with salted and buttered radishes: these are a few of this catering company's favorite things. They're big on seasonal, local ingredients and small bites that sing (see image below).

Image via

El Gaucho: Can meat and potatoes be glamorous? You bet your dried-aged steak they can. Seattle's iconic steakhouse does events with the same Old World attention to detail that you find in their restaurants.

Contessa Catering: Whether with on-trend service stations, passed apps, or sit-down dinners, this south-by-Northwest team (they have kitchens in Arizona, too) cooks up worldly plates with local flavors. (Side note: We're a little bit extra excited to see what they come up with for our Latin street fair-themed room!)

Ravishing Radish: "Food is art" goes the tagline with this longtime wedding favorite. Menu items such as rustic pizzas (a hot wedding trend if we've ever seen one—just wait until you check out our new issue!) like the one pictured below and calamari on kale caesar are given painterly treatments.

Ravishing Radish flatbread pizza via their Pinterest page

City Catering: Taking a design approach to menu construction, this urban, homegrown outfit is all about simple, clean presentation and ingredients that supply the glamor and drama. See below. Enough said.

City Catering entree via

Oh and beer, wine, cocktails, and stunning desserts? Why yes of course, we'll have those too!



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