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Real Weddings Deadline for Seattle Met Bride & Groom

Can you see yourself in our pages? Here are our top tips for making it happen—including the most important one: Be on time!

By Laura Cassidy April 9, 2014

It's so nice to be loved. We love that you love our pages and that you want to be included in them, so every once in a while it makes good sense to take the time to tell you how to make it happen.

The best and most successful submissions for the Real Weddings pages in Seattle Met Bride & Groom have several things in common, for instance:

  • the images included document the details; our Real Weddings pages aim to pinpoint the small, meaningful ways in which local couples imprint their celebrations with a tangible sense of themselves. We need to see favors, paper matter, table top and reception style, flowers, food and beverage presentation, cool signage, and the exciting, innovative bits and pieces that cannot even be named here, simply because we can't name what only you can imagine and implement!
  • the location really shines. We like to think of our Real Weddings pages as a yearbook for the city's best ceremony and reception venues. We like to create a mix of city and country affairs, rustic and luxe celebrations, and everything in between. We like to see how the setting was utilized—how friends and families were gathered and made to feel at home in this beautiful part of the world.
  • we really get a sense of who the couple is—without an entire series of posed shots. As stated in our online submission guidelines, we really only need about 15 low-res images in order to get a good sense of our interest level. We'll follow up for more when it makes sense, but even then we will not focus on traditional posed shots. Real Weddings is a guide book for ideas and references for our readers, so static stand-here-do-this images aren't a great fit. We believe readers like to identify with the couples and events they see in our pages, and therefore the brides and grooms we highlight in our pages are as diverse, dynamic, interesting, and genuine as those in our real lives. 
  • and finally, it's evident that successful submissions come together because of a familiarity with what we do and who we are. We really appreciate it when folks take some time getting to know our pages, and then take the time to put together a submission that reflects that understanding, too.

Oh, and there's this: they all come in under deadline. The cut-off date for submissions for the summer/fall 2014 issue of SMB&G is May 15. We've already received many, many great submissions, and yes, that date is set in stone.


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