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Kate Moss for Topshop: Coming Soon

If music fests and boogie nights are on your mind for spring and summer, get ready to hit Nordstrom's Topshop shops.

By Laura Cassidy April 14, 2014

The downtown Seattle flagship, Bellevue Square's Nordstrom, and the Southcenter mall shop (as well as about 60 other stand-alone and Nordstrom Topshops around the world) are all awaiting the April 30 arrival of Kate Moss's collection for Topshop.

What will La Moss have for your closet?

As the official press release puts it, "updated fabrics, premium tailoring, and an intimate take on Kate’s personal closet and favorite pieces. With looks styling the range from pajama dressing to cocktail hour and from boho blouses to noir-inspired trousers and bias-cut gowns, it’s ultimately a reflection of Kate’s iconic style."

But clicking through Topshop's official countdown-to-Kate pages (where you can take a quiz to find out which Kate you are), the vibe is super-'70s from the disco to the VW van—a look that, these days, is called festival dressing.

(For those of you keeping track: yes, that's two designer collaboration posts today, and two references to weekend-long music fairs.)

Nordstrom being Nordstrom and all, there are a couple of exclusive-to-them Moss x Topshop items, which is cool. And, if you're a superfan, you should probably know this (straight from the Nordstrom press room): Topshoppers "who spend over $150 in-store will receive a limited-edition Kate Moss tote bag, and the first 50 customers to make a purchase will get some extra swag in their tote."


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