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Amy Kuschel Comes to Belltown Bride

The San Francisco-based designer personally accompanies a selection of her domestically made current collection to Belltown this weekend.

By Laura Cassidy April 30, 2014

San Francisco-based wedding dress designer Amy Kuschel got into the wedding business the way a lot of women got into the wedding business: After her own engagement and celebration, and because she saw an opportunity—or perhaps better yet, a need.

A dress from Amy Kuschel's current collection; see more at Belltown Bride this weekend. Image via

For Kuschel—you probably guessed this coming—it was all about the dress. As described on the designer's site, "she wanted to look elegant and modern without spending a fortune."

I can just hear a city's worth of brides saying,"Me, too!"

Designer Amy Kuschel via

Amy Kuschel dresses are made by hand in San Francisco with couture details and high-quality fabrics, and most styles are in the $1,500 to $2,500 range.

You'll find these chic and affordable dresses at Melissa Albert's Belltown Bride, and—this is a big deal, friends—on Friday May 2 and Saturday May 3, you'll find Kuschel herself in the shop. 

That's a rare treat. Kuschel has been designing dresses and running her business since 1999 and she doesn't often make it out of SF to attend trunk shows. Belltown Bride carries a beautiful selection of Kuschel dresses on a regular basis, but the designer will bring more styles with her for this visit. The trunk show continues on Sunday May 3, but Kuschel herself will not be in attendance.

Oh, and then there's this: Belltown Bride will take 10 percent off all orders placed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

A limited number of appointments are available; call the shop to reserve your spot.


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